Georgi Ivanov

The portfolio consists of freelance projects, university projects and side projects.

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Kristiansand, Norway

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Homepage for TMH

Bachelor's thesis (Multimedia)

TMH Kran & Transport AS was established in 1988 and in 2021 consists of 30 employees and daily operation of 30-35 cars locally in Agder and around Norway. The company focuses on local and national transport.
The website is fully responsive.

Auto motive

Developed by GIVANO (freelance)

Automotive consists of a group of enthusiasts with a heart for the automotive industry and service.
The company is a total supplier of most used and new cars within Electric Car, Hybrid, Petrol and Diesel.

Bergen facade

Developed by GIVANO (freelance)

Bergen facade is a company that will always deliver both quality and HSE at all times.
The company wants to stand out in the crowd by being one step ahead and always making sure that customers are satisfied.

Oppland byggvask

Developed by GIVANO (freelance)

Oppland byggvask has extensive experience in all types of cleaning, scrubbing and housing, graffiti removal, carpet cleaning and mini-transport.
The company offers a wide range of services.

Product website

Internship project developed by GIVANO

Developed by using HTML,CSS, Javascript, PHP og Wordpress.
The website is fully responsive.


"Chore room" game

Developed by GIVANO (side project)

This is a game that was developed by using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Behind one of those doors is a chorbot. The object of the game is to open the door with the chorebot last.

Web Application

To Do List web application

Developed by GIVANO (university project)

This application was developed by using
CSS, HTML, Javascript and NodeJs.



Art deco poster

Made by GIVANO (university project)


Grunge poster

Made by GIVANO (university project)


GE-OR-GI poster

Made by GIVANO (side project)